Marianne Sluis lives and works in The Hague Holland, where she graduated her study in 1989 at The Royal Academy of Arts (KABK), The Hague.
She has a registration in that city as a professionel artist by STROOM (STROOM is a centre for Art and Architecture and responsible for the non-museale art management in The Hague).
Her work is inspired by architecture. Not the construction of buildings, rather her emotional experiences while visiting a monastery, court or city walls.
The figuration is sometimes realistic, but may also be more abstract.
Her paintings show the columns of a portal, or the faint memory of the mysterious darkness of an open door.
The paintings are a reflection of her journey’s through: Italy, Poland, Mexico, Portugal, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Russia, Greece and New York.
She is working member of the Hague Art Society (HKK) and the Wassenaar Art Society (VWBK).